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    Merino Winter Cycling Socks

    Merino Winter Cycling Socks

    We use Merino wool to make our winter cycling socks. The process starts with yarn selection and our collective experience as cyclists to ensure that we manufacture the best winter cycling socks imaginable.

    Merino wool feels soft and luxurious against your skin, its natural elasticity allows the socks to conform to every angle of the foot making it feel cosy when winter riding. Merino is one of the finest of all wools, enabling us to knit a cycling specific sock that is denser but not thicker giving better heat regulating properties. Which is very important if you want warmer feet when winter riding.

    Merino has a natural crimp in it that helps it trap air. Air is a fantastic insulator and provides a great buffer against the cold. Which is why we love it so much - who doesn't like warm cycling socks. 

    Our Products

    We are constantly improving our products to ensure they are the best winter cycling socks on the market. Our next generation merino wool cycling socks are no exception to this rule, with an all new and improved recipe to ensure you have winter cycling socks worthy of your weekend ride.

    We've gone the extra mile and chosen to mercerise our yarn. This is an expensive process where we burn the fine hairs off the yarn to create a smoother, more comfortable feel against the skin.

    Even though Merino wool is one of the softest yarns available, we wanted it to be even softer whilst retaining its desirable properties. (XMerino includes Cashmere, Merino & Silk). 

    Our Merino cycling socks embody luxury and will make the perfect training partner on those colder days.

    Our Merino is 100% sustainably sourced in Italy.